Establishing a Standardized Travelers' Electronic Health Summary Template (TET)
for the Asia-Pacific Region
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Summary of APEC TET

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In this project, we propose to build a standardized travelers' electronic health record template (TET) which can be stored in a portable device like a secure USB disk or a smart card during travel. This TET will be designed with the involvement of all participating APEC members in a way that it is interoperable from one economy to another. Any PC can be used to review a traveller's TET if authorized. A health care provider will be able not only to review a TET, but also integrate the TET's content into its own Electronic Medical Record system if so designed. A conference and at least workshops will be held within the project period.

  1. To form a working group on standardized travelers' EHR template (TET) within the APEC HTF. 
  2. To establish a standardized and summarized EHR Template tailor's to travelers'' need that can be carried on a secure and portable device like a n encrypted USB disk or a Smart Card. This TET should conform to current international standards such as the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) from the HL7 International organization.
  3. To disseminate information regarding TET and how to take advantage of it to all APEC member economies.

With the development of the economics among the APEC economies, there are more and more travelers traveling around the Asian economies. Every year, there are more than several million of the people traveling from APEC economies to another. At the same time, the pandemic disease outbreaks become more and more often through the carries by traveling. The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003, Avian H5N1 influenza in 2005, the two outbreaks cause several hundreds of people died and huge amount of money loss in those economies. The APEC member spend s a very long time to re-build their economics.

To stop the outbreaks of the pandemic disease, we need to address the important of the health information exchange of the travelers to enhance the surveillance of the highly infectious diseases. Only the early detection of the highly infection disease, we can stop the disease outbreak to avoid the huge amount of people died and economics loss.

Besides, a well-discussed on the Ethical, legal and Social Issue (ELSI) will be a key factor to reduce the resistance concerning human right protection on exchanging health records.

With the holding of 2006 APEC Forum for Travelers' Electric Health Records and APEC Medical Informatics Standards Community, we can facilitate the building of Travelers' Electric Health Records Template (TET) to enhance the disease surveillance between APEC economies.

Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Institute of Biomedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University, Chinese Taipei.
President-Elect, Asia-Pacific Association for Medical Informatics (2007~)



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